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About the Artist

Brittany Cole is a self taught artist that started painting in January 2021 to cope with the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world was so dark and overwhelming that she decided to create some little bubbles of frivolous joy with her artwork to cope. She believes that some days you only get little things that bring happiness and she hopes that her art can do that for you too.


Brittany enjoys painting with a brilliant, highly saturated color palette. Her art usually has whimsical and fantasy themes with mushrooms or animals. She mostly paints with acrylic on canvas, but has worked on walls, furniture, boxes, and many other wooden surfaces. She loves to give old objects new life with an awesome, new paint job. Not much is safe from her brush.  Interest in her work began developing in 2023 and she started selling her pieces at art shows, craft fairs and science fiction conventions.

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